Interim Admissions Consultancy

Interim Admissions Consultancy

Interim Admissions consultancy, to provide effective support for all your interim Admissions consultancy needs, including the following examples;


* Admission operations
Our interim admissions consultants are highly experienced and able to ensure that all staff working within admissions are working towards the same objectives, liaising with curriculum staff to ensure the process is effective.


* Demographic and pattern analysis of applications
Using a variety of tools and focused reporting, combined with a wealth of experience we are able to identify patterns of recruitment and propose unique strategies to improve conversion and retention rates.


* Well Being and Safeguarding
Experts in current legislative requirement and best practice models, our consultants can review existing arrangements and make recommendations for change.

Security and Safety

* Site security review – Identity Card systems
Are you committed to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for learners to study? If you have considered site security and implementing ID badge systems, but not taken the plunge, then talk to us. Our interim Admissions consultants are experienced in these systems, which can additionally provide a safe cashless transaction environment or, if required, attendance monitoring and access control.
* Risk Assessments and Managing Risks to Learners
* On line and Internet Safety – cyber-bullying mitigation
* Information sharing protocols
* Liaison with Police and Social Services


* Disciplinary Procedures
* Welfare Support Procedures
* Anti-Bullying and Harassment procedures


* Tutorial and Enrichment programmes