Interim MIS Consultancy

Interim MIS Consultancy

Interim MIS consultancy to provide effective support for all your interim MIS consultancy needs, including the following examples;


* Funding expertise in ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) and HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) funding streams.
Funding rules are constantly changing and we are able to provide up-to-date guidance to help you optimise potential funding streams, providing expert advice on data and financial implications of policy chances.


* Pre-Inspection OFSTED support with data analysis and preparation.
Our MIS consultants have extensive experience in the preparation data and reports for Self-assessment reports, performance data, destination data and labour market information.


* Support with funding and planning modelling of curriculum and income.
Business planning is pivotal in ensuring sustainable viability and growth. Whatever software you use, even if it's a spreadsheet, we have the required experience in MIS to ensure there are no big surprises post-enrolment.

Apprenticeships and the Levy

* Apprenticeships and sub-contracting arrangements.
Are you ready for the levy? Being introduced in April, payments are set to start in May 2017, so don't miss out and take advantage of our expert working knowledge.

Reporting and Dashboard Solutions

* Reporting solutions using MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Structured Query Language (SQL), Crystal Reports and Oracle SQL.
Business Intelligence is vital in ensuring robust performance management. We are able to supply expert MIS consultants with high levels of technical competence in a range of MIS systems; including UNITe, EBS, ProSolution, REMS, UNIT4, PICS, Maytas, ProAchieve, Goldmine etc etc.

Data quality and integrity

* Production and validation of ILR and other statutory returns
Not just about uploading your ILR files to the HUB on time, but is your data accurate, reliable and robust enough to withstand the scrutiny of external audit? If you have any doubts, we can help!

Business efficiency

* MIS business process reviews
Looking to cut costs and promote business efficiency? We can bring our extensive experience to bear on improving business processes, which have sometimes developed organically in response to ad-hoc needs and become convoluted and inefficient.

MIS Systems

* Review of MIS student records systems
We have considerable expertise in improving the use of MIS systems such as UNITe, EBS, REMS, Agresso QLs, all the Pro-modules (Achieve, Monitor, Observe, Resource, Metrix), Aqua, Databridge, PICS, Maytas etc.
* Advice on the procurement of replacements, migration of data and implementation
Either as a result of merger or simply in need of a change as the organisation outgrows its current system, we can provide end-to end support with the procurement and implementation of a new system to suit your needs.

Coaching and Mentoring

* Coaching and Mentoring Support for Managers/deputies
An alternative route to expensive recruitment, we are happy to coach, mentor and train existing MIS staff and quickly bring them up to speed.


* Recruitment support (end to end)
Our unrivalled experience in the sector allows you to tap into our network to recruit the best.